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BlueHost Review

BlueHost - $3.95/m Special Offer

BlueHost's best special offer! Only $3/95 instead of $6.95 per month.
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If you are searching for a webhosting service that provides some really great plans, affordable rates and excellent customer support, you should know that BlueHost is one of the best options nowadays. This is not only because it delivers unlimited bandwidth, emails, domain hosting, and disk space, free instant setup, site builder, domain, and 99.9% uptime but also because it has a very professional and supportive customer service team.

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One Plan for Everything


A really great thing is that BlueHost proposes only one plan, which encompasses all the necessary features for creating, running, and maintaining a professional website. The truth is that this service spares potential customers the trouble of analyzing different aspects that can help them to get a suitable plan for their websites. Simply put, this service offers users everything they want and need through only one comprehensive hosting solution.

But, is only one plan suitable for the needs of different people? Well, since this company provides everything that a businessperson or a regular individual might need in order to start up and run a professional business website or a personal blog, it is almost sure that this plan fits the various elements of every single virtual structure that one might want to create. On the other side, it is essential to know that this company has been proposing various webhosting services for more than 15 years. Considering this aspect, one can easily understand that this company knows exactly the elements that a website needs in order to function perfectly.

The Best Value for Your Money

BlueHost values all of its customers by proposing some truly competitive services, which underline a series of wonderful features. Besides the aforementioned ones, you can get domain privacy, free templates, cPanel, secure Shell, Stats, FTP, SSL, Ruby, PHP, Perl, CGI, MySQL, $50 Free Google and Yahoo credits, true resource management, simple scripts, blazing fast servers, and many others. Another impressive thing is that this hosting service provides anytime money back guarantee. This thing means that you can ask for a refund even if you have previously chosen a three-year plan.

Numerous customers praise the services of this company. Obviously, there are many reasons why BlueHost has conquered the hearts of most of its users. Besides the aforementioned functional factors, it is also important to know that this webhosting company provides a fast and easy sign-up process, simple and intuitive features, fantastic support, and a great informative forum. Overall, this company is one the top services that one can approach today regardless of his or her webhosting needs.

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